• Treatment Questions and New Patient Appointments

    Call 1-855-320-2091. We can answer your questions about treatment, second opinions, and new patient scheduling. In urgent cases, we typically can see new patients within 24 hours.
  • Clinical Trials

    Through clinical trials and research, our Blood Disorders Center is continuously advancing the treatment of blood disorders in children. callout bg
  • Our Affiliations

    HMS Callout FAD 

    Dana-Farber/Boston Children's is a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School.

  • Treating Sickle Cell Disease

    Dr. Matthew Heeney, Director of the Blood Disorders Center and clinical leader of the Sickle Cell Program, shares his care philosophy for patients suffering from and coping with sickle cell disease.

  • Treating Blood Disorders

    Boston Hemophilia CenterWe are part of the Boston Hemophilia Center, the largest hemophilia treatment center in New England.