• Cancer and Blood Disorder Clinical Trials

    Clinical trials can provide children with rare or hard-to-treat conditions – including cancers and blood disorders – access to innovative treatments that may help where traditional options fail. Learn more about participating in pediatric clinical trials, or search trials below.

    Please note: Clinical trials open and close regularly, and new trials are continually in development. We may have additional trials available now or soon that are not listed here. For the most current information, email us at clinicaltrials@danafarberbostonchildrens.org. Let us know the best way to reach you, where you live, your child’s diagnosis, and any treatment already received.

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  • Clinical Trial FAQs

    Get answers to common questions about clinical trials: What are clinical trials? Is a clinical trial the right choice for my child?
  • Know Your Options

    Not sure which clinical trials might be right for your child? Email our clinical trials team at clinicaltrials@danafarberbostonchildrens.org.
    We can help you navigate your options.
  • Precision Cancer Medicine

    The Profile study is helping researchers better understand the genetic causes of cancer and how targeted therapies might help. Join the study; no additional tests or work are required.
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