• International Patient Services

    Maryam Idan, a stem cell transplant patient from
    Iraq, represents one of our many international
    success stories. Read her story.

    We welcome patients from all over the globe who need advanced treatment and specialized expertise that is not available at home. Our staff who specialize in international patients can guide you through the process of becoming a patient and travelling to Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center for care. 

    All international patients are assigned a case coordinator to assist with logistical and financial considerations related to becoming a patient as well as staying at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s for treatment. And our staff strive to meet the cultural, dietary and religious needs of patients of all backgrounds.

    Contact us via email at pedi_international@dfci.harvard.edu or by phone at +1 617-632-2952 to speak with a representative.

    Interpreter Services

    Staff from our Interpreter Services Department are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. In addition to face-to-face interpreter services, the department uses technology like the dual-phone system and video conferencing to provide assistance remotely. If you need an interpreter, call 1-617-355-7198

    We offer interpreter services for the following languages:

    Albanian Greek Portuguese
    American Sign Language Gujarati Punjabi
    Amharic Haitian-Creole Romanian
    Arabic Nausa-Nigeria Russian
    Armenian Hebrew Serbian
    Bengali Hindi Slovak
    Bosnian Hmong Somali
    Bulgarian Hungarian Spanish
    Burmese Icelandic Swahili
    Cape Verdean Indonesian Telegu
    Certified Deaf Interpreter Italian Thai
    Chinese Cantonese Japanese Tibetian
    Chinese Mandarin Karen Tigrinya
    Cued Speech Khmer Turkish
    Czech Kinyarwanda Twi
    Dinka Korean Urdu
    Dutch Laotian Vietnamese
    Ethiopian Mongolian Waray
    Farsi Nepali Wolof
    French Pashto Yiddish
    German Polish Zulu
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    Our specialized new patient coordinators can answer your questions about treatment options and becoming a patient.
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  • The Agudelo Twins

    The Agudelo Twins 

    Twins Miranda and Olivia Agudelo (with their parents) traveled from Colombia to Boston for a bone marrow transplant. Read their story on Boston Children's Hospital Blog Thriving.