• Caring for a Central Line at Home

    Your child’s medical condition requires him/her to have a central line. Although maintaining the central line requires special care, you can manage it within the comforts of your own home. These videos explain how your child’s central line works, and the key steps needed to keep the central line functioning properly and to avoid infection. Please remember, these videos can guide you in your home care but they do not replace direct teaching from your child’s health care providers. Please be sure to ask questions of your child’s clinicians to make sure you fully understand the steps and process.

    This video series includes 11 videos.
    Video #1 (Introduction) is below, followed by the other videos in the series.


    This video series is also available in Arabic and Spanish

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  • The Family's Role in Patient Safety

    Lacey after central lineFamily caregivers play a key role in helping children with central lines avoid infection.
  • At-home Safety Steps Reduce Infections

    Allison cleaning central lineOne-on-one training with patients and families helps reduce infection rates.
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    Our resource centers provide comfortable places to learn and socialize with other patients and families going through a similar experience.