• Pediatric Brain Tumor Consultations and Second Opinions

    At Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s, we understand a brain tumor diagnosis is difficult to face, and we are available to offer a consultation or second opinion for your child. Our brain tumor treatment team meets each Thursday to review new cases and provide treatment recommendations. Information must arrive to us by Monday of review week. Physicians strive to communicate recommendations by Tuesday of the following week.

    To receive a consultation or second opinion for your child, please contact us at 617-632-2680.

    After we speak with you, we will ask you to complete a form providing:

    Patient summary

    • your child’s name, gender, and date of birth
    • your address
    • parent or guardian contact information
    • insurance information

    Clinical summary

    • Diagnosis
    • Date of diagnosis
    • Date of most recent MRI
    • Date of last surgery
    • Brief summary of cancer diagnosis
    • Current/planned therapy

    We also will ask you to send us:

    • MRI scans from diagnosis to present – Please have films digitized (put on CD) in DICOM format. You can mail or upload through the web. (Please email btc_scheduling@dfci.harvard.edu for a link to upload MRIs.)
    • Pathology slides and associated reports (if tissue was removed) – If physicians must evaluate pathology slides and films, fees are associated with the review. Please contact your insurance company regarding coverage.
    • Operative note (if surgery was performed)
    • Radiation therapeutic summary (if the child received radiation therapy)
      • Planning notes
      • Start and end dates of therapy
      • Type(s) of radiation with dosage(s)
    • Copy of chemotherapy protocol (if the child received chemotherapy)
    • Chemotherapeutic agents with dates and doses

    International patients must be registered through our International Patient Services.

    Mailing address
    Pediatric Brain Tumor Center
    Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center
    450 Brookline Avenue, DA3
    Boston, MA 02115

  • Brain Tumor Consultations and Second Opinions

    Phone: 617-632-2680
    Our team: Brain tumor specialists
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