• Our Stem Cell Transplant Facilities

    Our newly renovated, 14-bed stem cell transplantation unit combines state-of-the-art air filtration and infection control with comfort for patients and parents.

    The child-friendly unit uses an advanced HEPA-filtering system, eliminating the need to confine patients to isolated rooms and encouraging social interaction with fellow patients and departmental staff, when possible. Patient rooms feature color-changing ceiling tiles, Internet access and personal entertainment centers to engage children during their stay. In addition, the unit features shared patient and family social areas to provide diversion beyond the bedside. Our patient rooms include: 

    • Overnight accommodations for one adult family member,
    • a complimentary videophone, TV and VCR, a Playstation 2/DVD player, CD player and a computer with Internet access and
    • a phone with unlimited, free incoming calls, as well as personal storage space.

    Additionally, we encourage children to personalize their space with decorations, cards and posters.

    Children undergoing stem cell transplantation are confined to the unit until they are engrafted and show no signs of illness. To make this period as easy as possible, the following accommodations are provided:

    • A kitchen with separate refrigerators to allow you to store parent and patient food. We provide patient drinks and snacks. In addition, we host one complimentary breakfast each week for all patients and family members on the unit and a weekly "treat train" with snacks.
    • For entertainment, the activity room provides books, video tapes, DVDs and toys.
    • Our parent lounge provides an adult resting place, with a bathroom, television, and VCR.
    • The Child Life Specialist organizes crafts and other activities

    We also arrange meals, have access to on-site laundry facilities, and provide local fitness center passes. We encourage families to use our staff as a resource for any needs that arise. 

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    Our specialized new patient coordinators can answer your questions about treatment options and becoming a patient.
  • Clinical Trials

    Through clinical trials and research, we are learning how to use stem cell transplant in more innovative and effective ways.callout bg