• A Community of Care

    Childhood cancer patients and their families face a difficult journey, but they don’t have to face it alone. Patients and families are part of a community that offers support to those who need it – from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.

    At Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s, we recognize that support is a key part of patient care. Because of this, we are committed to caring for children and their entire families, connecting them to other patients and families and offering support services including child life specialists, music therapy, back-to-school programs, and special events.

    In these videos, patients, families, and friends describe their own communities of care and offer advice on how you can support childhood cancer patients.

    Best Buddies: Shravan and Casey


    Team Wilms Bros: Cara and Corinne


    Team Lia: Lia and Tara


    How can you support childhood cancer patients and their families?

    1. Offer your help, whether it’s by delivering a meal to a family or babysitting
    2. Give a gift card for household expenses
    3. Support the patient’s siblings, too
    4. Send a card or email and let a family know you’re thinking of them
    5. Donate toys and games to patients in the hospital
    6. Volunteer at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute or Boston Children’s Hospital
    7. Donate blood or platelets
    8. Join the bone marrow registry
    9. Donate your hair to support children with cancer who have lost theirs
    10. Offer help later, too; while it’s natural to want to offer assistance right away, cancer can be a long haul
    Do you have other ideas? Share them with us on social media by tagging @DFBC_PedCare and using the hashtag, #CCAM