• Types of Blood Disorders in Children and Teens

    Dr. Hong with an ITP PatientThere are many types of blood disorders, which can involve problems with red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, blood vessels, bone marrow, lymph nodes, or the proteins involved in bleeding and clotting.

    At our Blood Disorders Center, patients receive care from some of the world’s most experienced pediatric hematologists with deep experience in the conditions we treat, including:

    Red blood cell and iron disorders

    Bleeding disorders

    Thrombosis and anticoagulation disorders

    • Factor V Leiden
    • Prothrombin gene mutation
    • Protein C deficiency
    • Protein S deficiency
    • Antithrombin deficiency
    • Stroke
    • Thrombosis

    Autoimmune blood cell disorders

    Bone marrow failure syndromes

    White blood cell disorders

    Other blood disorders

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  • Clinical Trials

    Through clinical trials and research, our Blood Disorders Center is continuously advancing the treatment of blood disorders in children. callout bg
  • Treating Blood Disorders


    Ellis Neufeld, MD, talks about giving children with serious blood disorders a chance for a normal life.