• Back to School Support

    Our back-to-school support services - The Back to School Program and the School Liaison Program - are designed to ease children’s transition back to the classroom. The goal of these programs is help our patients transition back to school by educating classmates, teachers and school administration through in-person counseling and routine school visits.

    The Back to School Program

    Our Back-to-School Program is designed to ease children’s transition back to the classroom. Our program includes:

    • Student and family support – to prepare children to return to school, including individual counseling and family guidance
    • Preparing school friends –teaching classmates about cancer and encouraging their support of the returning student
    • Guidance for school staff – special programs to increase teachers’ understanding of the educational and psychological issues facing children with cancer
    • Back-to-school visits – designed to alleviate any anxiety classmates may have and to encourage sensitivity and support from classmates, teachers, and school personnel

    Call 617-355-0472 or 617-632-3278 for more information.

    School Liaison

    Our School Liaison Program is designed for patients diagnosed with or who have completed treatment that involves the central nervous system. Our services include:

    • Consultation regarding the cognitive late effects of treatment to help parents understand and advocate for their child’s learning needs
    • Working with educators to help them understand the late neuropsychological effects of treatment and discuss services and strategies that help enable young patients’ success in learning.

    To be eligible, school-age patients (K-12) must have a leukemia or brain tumor diagnosis; have had a bone marrow/stem cell transplant; or had surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy involving the central nervous system. They must live within 60 miles of Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s so staff can attend school meetings in person (those living more than 60 miles away receive a telephone consultation). For more information, call 617-632-5909.

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    Through ongoing education, care, and support, we are preparing cancer survivors for the road ahead. Learn about our extensive services for survivors of pediatric cancer.

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