• Fellowship Program Leadership

    Scott Armstrong, MD PhD

    Dr. Scott A. Armstrong

    Scott A. Armstrong, MD, PhD – Pediatric Oncology Chair at Boston Children’s Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Associate Chief of the Division of Hematology Oncology at Boston Children’s Hospital and Fellowship Program Director. Dr. Armstrong was previously director of the Center for Epigenetics Research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Professor of Pediatrics at the Weill Cornell Medical College. He earned his medical degree and PhD from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in 1996. After internship and residency training with the Boston Combined Residency Program (BCRP) at Boston Medical Center and Boston Children’s Hospital, he completed a hematology/oncology fellowship at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. The major focus of Dr. Armstrong’s career has been on delineating the biology of childhood cancers and the development of new therapeutic approaches for children with cancer. His research program has focused on the mechanisms of leukemia development and the relationship between leukemia and normal hematopoietic stem cells. Dr. Armstrong continues to direct a vigorous research program that focuses on development of new therapeutics that target chromatin-based mechanisms, and he is actively involved in the development and translation of a number of new small molecule approaches that likely will be tested in clinical trials in the near future.

    Jennifer Mack, MD

    Dr. Jennifer Mack

    Jennifer Mack, MD, MPH – Associate Program Director of the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. She is a graduate of the fellowship program in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology. Additionally, her training has included a Pediatric Health Services Research Fellowship, a Master’s degree in Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health, and dedicated fellowship training in Pediatric Palliative Care. Dr. Mack served as the Medical Director of the Inpatient Oncology Service at Boston Children’s Hospital from 2004 to 2009. Dr. Mack’s research focuses on parent-physician communication and palliative care. Dr. Mack is an enthusiastic teacher, and is known for her patience and thoughtfulness in her interactions with patients and fellows.

    Jennifer Kesselheim, MD

    Dr. Jennifer C. Kesselheim

    Jennifer C. Kesselheim, MD, M.Ed – Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Associate Fellowship Program Director for Education, Division of Hematology/Oncology, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School Dr. Kesselheim attended college at the University of Wisconsin and then completed her MD degree at the University of Pennsylvania. While at Penn, she earned a Masters degree in medical ethics. During her residency training in pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Kesselheim developed and implemented an ethics curriculum for residents and engaged in research about how pediatricians learn ethics during their training. As a fellow in pediatric hematology-oncology, Dr. Kesselheim completed coursework to earn a Masters degree in education from Harvard. As an educator, she designs curricula and evaluation instruments for residency and fellowship training related to humanism, ethics, and professionalism. She oversees the formal teaching curriculum and leads initiatives on evaluation and feedback for the fellowship in pediatric hematology-oncology. Her research continues to focus on the methods and outcomes of physician education in the areas of ethics and professionalism. She currently chairs the Certification and Continuing Education Committee in the American Society of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, co-chairs the Ethics Advisory Committee at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and serves as the medical educator in the Office of Graduate Medical Education at Boston Children’s Hospital.


    Chester A. Alper, MD

    Scott Armstrong, MD, PhD

    Edward J. Benz, Jr, MD

    Carlo Brugnara, MD

    Alan D’Andrea, MD

    George Q. Daley, MD, PhD

    Lisa Diller, MD

    Todd Golub, MD

    Richard Gregory, PhD

    Holcombe E. Grier, MD

    Tomas Kirchhausen, PhD

    Judith Lieberman, MD, PhD

    A. Thomas Look, MD

    Samuel E. Lux, MD

    Alan D. Michelson, MD

    David G. Nathan, MD

    Ellis J. Neufeld, MD, PhD

    Stuart H. Orkin, MD

    David S. Pellman, MD

    Orah S. Platt, MD

    Stephen E. Sallan, MD

    Timothy Springer, PhD

    Denisa Wagner, PhD

    David A. Williams, MD

    Yi Zhang, PhD

    Leonard I. Zon, MD


    Associate professors

    Denise Adams, MD

    Alessandra Biffi, MD

    Amy L. Billett, MD

    Fernando Carmargo, PhD

    Alan Cantor, MD, PhD

    Steve DuBois, MD

    A. Lindsay Frazier, MD

    Rani George, MD, PhD

    Allen M. Goorin, MD

    Karen Hoffmeister, MD

    Carla Kim, PhD

    Wendy London, PhD

    Roslyn W. Orkin, PhD

    Barry Paw, MD

    Eileen Remold-O’Donnell

    Sung-Yun Pai, MD

    Colin A. Sieff, M.B. B.Ch.

    Lewis Silverman, MD

    Kimberly Stegmaier, MD

    Loren Walensky, MD, PhD

    Joanne Wolfe, MD

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