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A bold strategy to enhance CAR T-cell therapies, capable of targeting DIPG and other tough-to-treat cancers

April 27, 2018
As reported in Vector, a Boston-based team of researchers, made up of scientists and pediatric oncologists, believe a better CAR T-cell therapy is on the horizon.

Dana-Farber/Boston Children's responds to FDA approval of CAR-T cell therapy

August 30, 2017
The FDA's approval of CAR-T therapy for refractory pediatric and young adult ALL underscores the potential of CAR T-cell therapies, a form of cancer immunotherapy, to treat a wide range of cancers, researchers say.
CAR t-cell

Deaths in cancer trials remain mystery for promising therapy

December 04, 2016
The experimental CAR T-cell immunotherapy has shown dramatic results, including long-term cures, for cancer patients with severe disease, but has also left puzzling questions about deaths that have occurred during some tests, Bloomberg reports in a story published by The Washington Post.
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Research into basic workings of immune system points to way of improving therapies for cancer and chronic infection

October 27, 2016
In a paper posted by the journal Science, researchers report that, in mice with chronic viral infection, exhausted T cells are controlled by a fundamentally different set of molecular circuits than T cells effectively battling infections or cancer – a finding that suggests a way to increase the staying power of CAR T cells, a promising form of immunotherapy for cancer.
Treating Vascular Anaomalies

Teenager Raises Thousands to Help Children with Vascular Anomalies

September 13, 2013
Now 16, Kennedy Hubbard was born with Lymphatic Malformation, a mass of fluid-filled cysts surround her mouth and jaw. She was about five years old before she knew she was different. But Kennedy didn't let those differences faze her. Two years ago, when she was a freshman, she and her family launched Kennedy's Cause, which has raised more than $34,000 by selling bracelets, t-shirts and car magnets stamped with her personal motto – "Shine."
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