• Where We Work: Armenia

    Armenia map
    • City: Yerevan City
    • Type of program: Capacity Building
    • Partners:
      1. Muratsan Hospital Complex of Yerevan State Medical University
      2. City of Smile Foundation

    Expert Guidance and Psychosocial Program

    • Program title: Establishment of the first psychosocial program
    • Start date: 2/1/2016
    • End date: 9/1/2018

    child with cancer in Armenia This is the first psychosocial program to provide support to patients and families at the Clinic of Chemotherapy of Muratsan Hospital Complex of Yerevan State Medical University, one of the three main referral and treatment centers in Armenia. The program started in February 2016 and includes supporting the salary for a psychosocial coordinator; coordinating activities for patients and families such as a parent discussion group and events with volunteers from art and music schools; online calls with Dana-Farber/Boston Children's GHI psychosocial team to provide ongoing guidance on the program and case consultation; and translation of educational materials from English to Armenian for patients and families.

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