• Where We Work: Mexico

    Global Health Map of Mexico

    • City: Querétaro
    • Type of program: Education and Capacity Building (Twinning)
    • Partners:
      1. Hospital Infantil Teletón de Oncología (HITO)
      2. Fundación Teletón

    Program: Training Program and Expert Guidance

    • Start date: 9/1/2012

    Fundación Teletón and Hospital Infantil Teletón de Oncología (HITO) embarked on an ambitious program to deliver excellence in pediatric oncology treatment and care to children and their families in Mexico. Fundación Teletón’s has a distinguished record of service in Mexico through the establishment of over 17 rehabilitation centers for needy and disabled children, which operate at the highest standards of excellence.

    The comprehensive training program included targeted curriculum development for HITO oncologists, radiologist, surgeon, intensivist, pathologist, pharmacist, and nurses and on-site observerships which lasted from one to six months. During their time in Boston the HITO observers took advantage of all learning opportunities at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s, including rounds, case conferences, and clinics, in addition to being involved in protocol development, policy and guideline development, and other activities required for the opening of the hospital. 

    HITO successfully opened its doors in November 2013 and the GHI continues to provide on-going support via teleconferences and site visits that focus on clinical case discussions, outcome and protocol oversight, project development, and mentorship. The training program and ongoing partnership serve as a model for replication in other countries and an example of GHI’s expertise in multidisciplinary hospital management know-how.

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