• Children with cancer are more than you see


    When you see a child with cancer, what do you notice? If it’s her bald head…or his prosthetic leg…or the scars from treatment – we’d like to change that. Starting now…

    When you see a child with cancer – see the child, not the cancer.

    See her interests and talents, not the side effects of her treatment.

    Know that he is more than you see.

    If you support this message, watch and share the videos below.

    U.S. News & World Reports Best Children's Hospitals Cancer 2017-18

    Carlie Gonzalez

    Carlie Gonzalez video

    Carlie was just three weeks into her freshman year of high school when she learned she had Ewing sarcoma. But when you see Carlie, know this: She has been singing and making music for as long as she can remember – and sometimes sings literally hours at a time. Read Carlie's story

    Dylan Berio

    Dylan video

    Dylan has been on and off treatment for an astrocytoma brain tumor since he was 3½ years old, and he had two brain surgeries. But when you see Dylan, know this: He’s active and playful – and can use a bow and arrow to shoot a target 20 yards away. Read Dylan's story


    Carter Mock

    Carter video play

    After Carter had rotationplasty surgery to treat the osteosarcoma in his left leg, he was fitted for a prosthetic lower leg. But when you see Carter, know this: He can navigate challenging tree-top rope courses and expects to ski and play hockey again soon. Read Carter's story

    Teaghan Bresnahan

    View Teaghan video

    Teaghan had just turned two when her family learned she had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. But when you see Teaghan, know this: Despite a two-year treatment plan, she is still doing what she loves – including swimming in the lake at her grandparent’s house. Read Teaghan's story


    Children with cancer show they are #MoreThanYouSee

    Video: In September 2016, to honor Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we invited families to share photos and spread this message – children with cancer are #MoreThanYouSee. Families across the nation joined the campaign and submitted photos. The video below celebrates the children and families who joined the campaign.