Study: Eating Nuts in Pregnancy May Lower Child’s Allergy Risk

December 23, 2013


A new study suggests that women who eat more peanuts and tree nuts during pregnancy might be less likely to bear nut-allergic children, the Wall Street Journal reports. Researchers led by A. Lindsay Frazier, MD, of Dana-Farber/Boston Children's analyzed data from 8,205 children born to mothers who had reported their diets at or around the time of pregnancy. The more nuts the mother ate while pregnant, or within a year before or after pregnancy, the lower the risk that the child would go on to develop nut allergies, said senior author Michael C. Young, MD, of Boston Children’s Hospital. The researchers stopped short of advising pregnant women to eat more nuts, saying more research is needed.

Read the full story. Other outlets that covered the story include BBC and Nature World News.

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