• Nursing in Global Health

    Nursing in global health

    Pediatric cancer care requires a multidisciplinary team of highly-skilled professionals to ensure quality across the treatment continuum. Nurses represent the largest workforce and must receive specialized education and training in areas such as chemotherapy administration, pain management and supportive care, oversight of vascular access devices, and psychosocial care of children and families.

    The lack of pediatric-oncology-specific educational programs for nurses in low- and mid-income countries is highly problematic. Without a highly-skilled nursing team, quality pediatric cancer care is not possible.

    Twinning relationships between nurses in resource-rich centers and those in resource-limited settings have proven to be a successful model for providing mentoring and support. Our twinning programs have successfully implemented nursing collaborations to guide the education and training of the nurses in these settings.

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    Psychosocial care is a key component of cancer care anywhere in the world.

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