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Gene Linked to Pediatric Kidney Cancer Suggests New Strategies for Kidney Regeneration

April 14, 2014
(News release) Nearly one-third of cases of Wilms tumor, a pediatric cancer of the kidney, are linked to a gene called Lin28, according to research from Boston Children's Hospital published in the journal Genes& Development. Mice engineered to express Lin28 in their kidneys developed Wilms tumor, which regressed when Lin28 was withdrawn, indicating that strategies aimed at blocking or deactivating the gene hold therapeutic promise for children with Wilms. Studies in the mouse model further suggest that controlled expression of Lin28 can promote kidney development and therefore may hold clues to regeneration of damaged kidneys in adults.

Physician Advocates for Palliative Care Bill on Beacon Hill

April 11, 2014
Christina Ullrich, MD, a pediatric oncologist and palliative care physician, went to Beacon Hill to advocate for a palliative care bill, report “ the Charlton Villager, Southbridge Evening News, Sturbridge Villager and Webster Times report.

Scientists Find Potential Drug Targets in Deadly Pediatric Brain Tumors

April 06, 2014
(News release) Researchers studying a rare, always fatal brain tumor in children have found several molecular alterations that drive the cancer, according to a new study in Nature Genetics from scientists at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center and McGill University. The findings identify potential new targets for drug treatments.

NH Boy Adopted from Ethiopia Finds Bone Marrow Match with African Siblings

March 10, 2014
When 12-year-old Behaylu Barry, who was adopted from Ethiopia at age 6, was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia, he and his family reached out to his siblings in Africa to find a match for a bone marrow transplant. They found two.

Attleboro Police Make Room for a Middleborough Boy with Cancer

March 06, 2014
Six-year-old Dylan Berio’s dream came true when the Attleboro Police Department inducted him, WickedLocal reports. The Middleborough boy has been battling a brain tumor since he was 3.

Sick Vt. Kids Highlight Need for Bone Marrow Donors

March 05, 2014
WCAX-TV highlights the need for bone marrow donors after meeting two Vermont children recovering from bone marrow transplants at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s.

Vermont Girl Gets Second Bone Marrow Transplant

March 04, 2014
When 12-year-old Lindsey Sturtevant left her Vermont hometown to get a bone marrow transplant for acute myelodysplastic syndrome, a pre-leukemia condition, her community gave her a big send-off. Now WCAX-TV visited her in her hospital room.

Hope Grows for Sickle Cell Disease Patients

March 03, 2014
Advances in research and treatment are changing sickle cell disease from an inherited condition that often condemned children to painful and short lives into a condition that can be managed with less pain and a longer life expectancy, the Washington Post reports.

Working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancers

March 03, 2014
Today, 80 percent of childhood cancer patients survive into adulthood, but many experience late effects of their treatment. The Boston Globe spoke with Lisa Diller, MD, about issues facing survivors of childhood cancer.

Alisha’s Strength Drives Cancer Fight

February 11, 2014
In October 2012 doctors in Dublin told a young Irish couple that the reason their daughter’s head suddenly tilted to one side, the reason she began to stagger and vomit, was that an extremely rare form of cancer had invaded her brain, the Boston Herald reports. In February 2014 the family brought their 3-year-old daughter to Boston for treatment at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s.
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