Back-to-School Support

Our back-to-school support services the Back-to-School Program and the School Liaison Program are designed to ease a child's transition back to the classroom. The goal of these programs is to help our patients transition back to school by educating classmates, teachers, and school administrators through in-person counseling and routine school visits.

The Back-to-School Program

Our Back-to-School Program is designed to ease a child's transition back to the classroom. Our program includes:

  • Student and family support to prepare children to return to school, including individual counseling and family guidance
  • Preparing school friends – teaching classmates about cancer and encouraging their support of the returning student
  • Guidance for school staff – special programs to increase teachers’ understanding of the educational and psychological issues facing children with cancer
  • Back-to-school visits – designed to alleviate any anxiety classmates may have and to encourage sensitivity and support from classmates, teachers, and school personnel

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School Liaison Program

The School Liaison Program (SLP) supports pediatric patients who have completed cancer treatment involving the central nervous system at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. Our clinicians work with caregivers and educators to help them better understand the various effects – including psychosocial and neuropsychological changes – of their child or student’s cancer treatment. Our program also assists in facilitating appropriate support for our patients’ specific learning needs.