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The Family's Role in Patient Safety - CTA
Lacey Martin on a Whale Watch

Family caregivers play a key role in helping children with central lines avoid infection.

Lacey's Story

Giving Medications Safely at Home

This video series aims to provide guidance to caregivers of children taking medications at home. While these videos are meant to be an educational resource, please note: if any of this information differs from what your child’s care team has taught you, consult with your care team.

Video #1: Types of Medications

Patients in treatment or receiving care can be prescribed many different types of medications. These may include chemotherapy, immunosuppressants, pain medication, or medications to prevent or treat infections.

Video #2: Reading a Medication Label

Instructions on medication labels contain a lot of important information. Find out what you should look for.

Video #3: Choosing the Right Liquid Oral Syringe and Giving the Correct Amount

This video offers step-by-step instructions on giving medication using an oral syringe.

Video #4: Handling and Storing Medications Safely

It’s important to follow certain safety steps when storing, preparing, and giving medications.